All our inflatables are made up to Australian standards and complies with Australian safety law.

How do I reserve one?

Simple! You may reserve online or just call us 0490 323 537 and we will reserve your water slide or inflatable and will gladly answer any questions you might have. A deposit of $250 is required at the time of booking.

How much notice to I need to give to book a slide?

As much notice as possible as during busy times we book up well in advance so let us know as soon as you have a date in mind, we will do our best to assist you.

When the slide is delivered, do I have to set it up myself or do you do it?

We will be there about 1 hour before the event for set up the slide, depending on the schedule for the day we may arrive a couple hours earlier to ensure everyone gets their castle on time. After set up we will give you a demonstration on how to use it safely and then leave it in your control. When we turn up to collect the castle, we will sanitize, clean the inflatable and also dismantle it. It will take 45 minutes for set up and 45 minutes to pack away.

How much space do I need for a slide?

It depends on the inflatable, we will provide you the dimension, please also allow an additional extra 0.5 meter for open space.

What surfaces can the slide go on?

Level grass is the most suitable Level hard surfaces are fine but if sandbags are required there may be an additional charge for this service. Small slopes is okay but not hills. Soft Sand is not a suitable surface.

Can you set up a slide on concrete or artificial grass?

Yes, please tell us this during booking so that we can arrange to hire sandbags. There may be an additional charge for this service.

Can the slide go indoors?

Yes the slide can go indoors but you must check the height of the ceiling before booking. The height needs meet the minimum requirements for each inflatable and we will need to use sandbags to keep the inflatable fixed to the ground (there may be an additional charge for this service)

What kind of power is required?

All of our inflatables require to be within 20 metres of a standard power supply. We will supply the cord, and we ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet we are utilizing. If you would like to set up at a park or a place without an electric outlet within 20m, let us know and we will arrange to use a generator for an additional charge.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured up to $20 million, our certificate of compliance is available here

All individuals and companies that rent our waterslides and inflatables are required to sign a liability waiver prior to set up. We CANNOT set up our inflatables and other equipment until the liability waiver is signed.

Weather Refund Policy & Cancellations

Scattered showers are fine, but if the weather forecasts 60% chance of heavy rain throughout the whole day or winds exceeding 30km per hour we may have to cancel the delivery for safety reasons.

If you would like to make changes, there is no fee to cancel as long as you inform us before we make the final decision to go ahead with the booking . Any weather cancellations or change of time to your delivery MUST be made by 12 Noon the day before your event. If no cancellations are made then we will proceed with the booking.

Once the decision has been made to proceed with the booking, we will not be able to issue any refunds regardless of use.

Full refunds will only made if you cancel or make any changes to the date of the event due to bad weather conditions - If you simply change your mind, cancellations within 2 weeks of the event time, will incur the loss of deposit amount ($250)

What To Do In An Emergency?

Don't worry! We will give you full training on the day.

Even though we are constantly monitoring the weather, mother nature can change very quickly. The responsible Adult supervising the inflatable must always be on the look out for any sudden changes to the weather.

Any drastic changes must be acted upon quickly, if wind speeds are increasing to over 30km per hour. The responsible adult/supervisor must immediately evacuate the children/patrons quickly and turn off the power. The inflatable can then be turned back on after the wind settles.

Please note: In severe wind conditions, regardless of our tie down methods, the inflatables become unsafe

If you have any further questions, please call us 0490 323 537 or email us contact@wollondillyinflatables.com.au