Including Terms and Conditions of Hire

It is the responsibility of the person who is hiring this Inflatable to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to the Inflatable. Please ensure that the following Safety Instructions are followed:

How To Supervise an Inflatable - A Responsible Adult Is Required At All Times

Tell all patrons the safety rules. PLEASE REFER TO THE SAFETY RULES BELOW.

Ensure the inflatable is not overloaded (6-12 patrons at any one time) Maximum 10 patrons at one time is recommended for large events. For adult inflatables, a maximum of 6 is recommended.

Ensure all patrons using the inflatable at any one time are of similar size. eg. Do not mix 12 year olds with toddlers.

Pay careful attention to patrons who are on the front step as they come out the slide or entering into the inflatable. Shield them from falling off the step.

On inflatables with separate exits and entrances, all patrons must exit out the slide to prevent collision. with another patron.

Pay careful attention to the weather conditions.

Watch the activity of patrons constantly and remove those who disobey your instructions.

Use a whistle or similar warning as a way to attract attention should any misbehaviour occur.

Patrons that are unwell or with mental, physical impairment, pregnant should not be allowed to use this inflatable.

Safety Rules For Patrons

No somersaults

No tackling or rough play

No climbing walls

Strictly no running or jumping off the top platform

No jumping on the from step

Remove all footwear, socks are recommended

Remove all sharp or hard objects such as pens, buckles, spectacles, jewellery, hats.

No silly strings inside the inflatable as it can be very difficult to remove

No party poppers or streamers

No food or drinks

If you have hired a facepainter, make sure they are using water based paints. If they have not used water based paints, do not allow them on the inflatable as it can permanently create marks inside the inflatable.

Ensure no-one with a back or neck problem is allowed on the inflatable.

Ensure no-one that has had a recent surgery is allowed on the inflatable.

On inflatables with separate exits and entrances, all patrons must exit out the slide to prevent collisions with another patron.


The supervisor of the inflatable must be alert to weather conditions:-

What To Do If It Rains:

In mild wet weather, do not turn off the blower. Cover the blower and electrical’s using the bag provided at the back of the inflatable. If the wet weather is severe and you can see puddles of water developing around the blowers and electricals’ , turn off the mains power, then the blower and remove the electrical’s from the rain) After the rain settles, you will need to wipe down the dry inflatables with towels before use to avoid the patrons slipping.

What To Do If It’s Windy:

If wind speeds exceed 30kmh evacuate the patrons from the inflatable immediately.

Turn off the power and allow it to deflate.

To speed up the process, some inflatables have velcro zips, where you can unzip the sides to let the air out.

What To Do If The Inflatable Deflates or Loses Power:

Check the blower ventilation to make sure nothing is blocking the fan. Objects such as balloons, leaves, plastic bags or party strings can sometimes be the cause of this.

Check the blower tubes to make sure it hasn’t come undone.

Check the velcro zips to make sure it hasn't come undone.

Check the blower switch and power point to make sure it hasn't been turned off.

Check the extension cords to make sure it hasn’t come apart or been damaged.

Check the mains power or generator to make sure it hasn't tripped. In the event that it overheats, switch the blower off at the mains then switch it back on again 1 or 2 minutes later and it should restart. If it does not, inform us straight away

Overnight Hire - Special Conditions

If you are hiring the inflatable overnight, please ensure all reticulation has been turned off.

If the inflatable is wet during pick up, there will be a wet cleaning charge of $150.

To be approved for an overnight hire, you must make sure the property is secured overnight and there is a clearance of 1.5m from all sides of the inflatable including the height. The company has the right to refuse set up, if these conditions are not met.


Please note that all persons using this Inflatable do so at their own risk.

The person/s or organisation hiring this Inflatable equipment will be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use.

These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are fully adhered to at all times.

Our Company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment.


If you are having the bouncy castle secured with metal stakes, our company does not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to the reticulation or garden. It is the hirers responsibility to clearly mark out the location of any reticulation, underground piping or other items before setting up.

I have read the above agreement and fully understand and accept the conditions as above. I am aware that whilst in my care I am fully responsible for the inflatable and will pay for any loss or damage that may occur, this will include the inflatable being returned in an unacceptable condition. If it is in a dirty or muddy condition, I may loose the $250 deposit and may need to pay a further cleaning fee.

I _______________________________________________ have been shown the safety precaution and procedures for this inflatable set up and hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed on the Wollondilly Waterslides and Inflatables Hire Hire Agreement.

HIRE DATE ________________________________________________________

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